Covid-19 Update

Message from F. Dan  May 21, 2020

As we get closer to the re-opening of our churches I am getting very excited and anxious to see our Holy Spirit faith family back together.  There are a number of things that are going to happen, and all of them take patience and kindness if we are going to be the image of Christ we were when we entered the world of Coronavirus.  But, it is the same Jesus Christ that will welcome us home and nourish us with His Body and Blood.  That being said, here are a couple of things I think you should know if you are going to be joining us at Holy Spirit on the weekend of May 30/31.

  • The Masses on the first weekend will be a little more streamlined. Meaning the homily will be shorter since more time will be needed between the Masses to sanitize pews, doors, and bathrooms for the next Masses.
  • You are asked to enter Church using doors #6 and #8. Ushers will assist you to your pews. This will help us get more people in each pew and still have Social Distancing.
  • We will not have any singing or music.
  • We will continue to practice Social Distancing meaning we will have six feet of space between us and the next person in all directions, unless it is a person which whom you live in the same house.
  • Of course there will be no Sign of Peace and no holding of hands during the Our Father.
  • We are asking that the kneelers not be used, to assist with cleaning. You can stand or sit during the Consecration!
  • All parishioners who attend Mass are requested to have a mask on.
  • All interior doors will be left propped open. Ushers will hold open the exterior doors.
  • We will have the Social Hall open for overflow and the Mass will be livestreamed into the Social Hall for the 9:30 and 11:30 masses. Communion will be brought to the Social Hall and while in the Social Hall you are asked to follow the same Social Distancing policy of six feet of separation. There will be vinyl chairs in the Social Hall and Children’s Room. The chairs can be moved and clustered in ways to get the most people into the rooms without compromising Social Distancing.  Yes, it is going to take some practice and getting used to.
  • The 11:00 Mass has been moved to 11:30 so that there is more time for cleaning between the Masses that are traditionally larger.
  • People with compromised health systems, lung, heart, etc. should consider whether or not they should attend Sunday Masses. Daily Masses might be a safer option where the crowds are much smaller, and then watch the Livestream on Sunday. Daily Masses will be starting in early July.
  • Please see the attached schedule given to us by the Bishop’s office.
  • Thanks for helping to keep this transition smooth and Christ like.


Finally, click here for an outline sent from the Diocese for a schedule of how we will be rolling out the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana plan for public Masses.  Please realize that all plans are open to change when necessary.

We will make it through this Coronavirus and we will make it better and easier by being kind.  Being kind is wonderful habit in which to live.