June 25, 2018  

Birthright Letter of Thanks

Thanks to your amazing generosity, we were able to reach our goal and support all three Birthright locations, Cicero, Logansport and Kokomo. Her is a thank you latter from the staff at Birthright.

Greetings beloved defenders of the unborn! Your bountiful gifts of love never cease to amaze our volunteer staff. We call your amazing generosity “Christmas in June”! Your thoughtful, useful, loving gifts have kept our storage room shelves stocked throughout the entire year. Our shelves have not been bare in many years thanks to you. God bless you all!!!

I wonder if you know that when we grab diapers and wipes for our needy moms – we think of you.

I wonder if you know that when we snatch warm clothes and blankets off the shelf during the coldest seasons of the year – we think of you.

I wonder if you know that when we see a grateful smile on the face of a pregnant woman because she has found maternity clothes that she can wear to work – we think of you.

The abundance of your gifts allows us to meet the material needs of a pregnant woman when she needs it. I wonder if you know in those times we thank God for you and your kind hearts.

It is difficult to express the thankfulness that is due to you for such beautiful gifts. Please know that we are deeply grateful that you share of your treasures, your time, and your talents for the unborn children of God!

Sincerely for Life,

The Volunteers at Birthright

Prayers of the Faithful

Barbara Holman, Wife of Gerry Holman

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