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1st  and  2nd  Corinthians  Thursday  Evening  Bible  Study

Catholic Scripture Study 2016 – 2017 7:00 - 8:30 pm PLC Room  58  begins  September  15.    There  are  28  Lessons.  Order study binder at the CSS (Catholic Scripture Study) website. ttp://  Go to STORE; click on Bible Studies; click on Program Studies.  The cost is $46.95.  Questions: Contact Kamilla Reece at  or  317-849-0869  or  317  439-1066  or  Karen  Taylor  or  317  335-2717 or 317 457-1572. 

About the Study In his Letters to the Corinthians, St. Paul addresses ongoing problems similar to the same problems with which we struggle today.  St. Paul tackles each of these problems with his typical zeal, strengthening our faith and commitment to build up the Body of Christ.  Moreover, this Bible Study is a valuable opportunity to discuss with other Catholics how we live out our faith in an ever more challenging world.  Please join us! 

We welcome new faces and new thoughts.












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