Holy Spirit Parish at Geist Mass Sanctuary-Alter

Religious Education

This program is responsible for the Catholic faith formation of children Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6 in our Holy Spirit catechism program.


Catechists provide religious instruction and formation to children of our parish in Grades Pre-K thru 6th.  Each catechist receives resource text material from the "Blessed Are We " series.  This material offers a number of suggestions for each class session.  The Director establishes curriculum to be covered.

Gift of Time:  A few hours each week during the school year.

Training:  For all Catechists there is an initial training in August and follow-up trainings during the year.  To assist you during the year, there are also staff resources and library to assist in lesson planning.

Contact:   Mark Timko: 849-8016 redre@hspgeist.org.


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