Holy Spirit Parish at Geist

From the Desk of Fr. Dan

From the Desk of Fr. Dan

As the Fruitful Harvest campaign begins to wrap up I want to thank our parishioners for your generous support of the Diocese of Lafayette; the campaign will close out at the end of August.  If you have not completed your pledge, we still have $140,000.00 in unpaid pledges, please do your best to do so.  Once we reach our goal we will receive a “rebate” of $64,000.00 that will go into our charity account, as will any other overage we receive.  This money is used to reach out to the poor in the Indianapolis area, as does the money from our 50/50 drawing.  Thank you for your continued support of Holy Spirit Parish and the outreach to the poor.

I want to thank Sharon Deininger for the     wonderful job she did here for our parish.  For many years Sharon served as the secretary for the Religious Education program here at Holy Spirit.  Over ten years ago she left that position and became a part-time       employee and worked after office hours to do our    weekly bulletin.  Sharon has retired and we wish her our very best.  Your countless hours of assistance helped to make our parish a better place to worship, educate and serve those in need.  Thanks Sharon!

Finally, thank you to everyone who helped with the Spring Clean-up. We are blessed with such a beautiful campus and for our many parishioners who help us keep our campus a wonderful place!

Fr Dan

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