Holy Spirit Parish at Geist

From the Desk of Fr. Dan

If you have not already gotten your tithing letter you will be getting it soon. It takes a while to
get them all printed and signed, but I also wanted to tell you that the letter will have a different look to it this year. We switched to a new program across the diocese and because of that I was not able to have a more personal thank you in the letter. Please know that I deeply appreciate your generous support of Holy Spirit Parish at Geist. You are a great blessing to our parish.

Sue Schmitz and I will be conducting another book study, this time on St. Therese of Lisieux book, "Story of a Soul". The book is truly one of the spiritual "classics" and because of the length of the book we will be meeting for 6 or 7 weeks, starting on Thursday, February 13th at 7:00 in the Parish Life Center. It will allow us to grow in our understanding for Carmelite
Spirituality! Please call Kim in the Parish office 317-849-9245 to sign up for the class.

It is the time of year when the roads can be very dangerous and many churches will be cancelling worship services. Here at Holy Spirit I plan to celebrate every scheduled Mass each weekend. If the roads are icy or too snow covered, please stay home and say some extra prayers as a family or watch Mass on TV. However, since the priests live right here on the campus we will celebrate the Masses and pray for the safety of travelers and all of our parishioners and let God's graces flow. Therefore, just use your common sense, and if in doubt, stay home. I would much rather have you here the next weekend with us, gathered at the table of the Lord, than have you hurt. God is good, and fully understanding. Thanks and be safe.

This week I would like to encourage all of our parishioners to pray for an end to abortion in our country and across the world. As most of you know I have been involved in the Pro-Life movement for over forty years. With the birth of each of my nieces and nephews (ages from 36 to 50 this year) and now my great nieces and nephews (ranging from 1 to 22), I see the hand of God continue to re-create the earth. Let us continue to work for the dignity and respect of all life. Thanks for your continued support for all of life!

As a sign of our commitment to the value and respect for all of life we are hosting a Right to Life Adoration this Sunday the 26th after the 5:00 Mass at 6:30. The service will be one of scripture, quiet time, music and reflection. I hope everyone feels welcome to attend.

Just a reminder, time flies and Ash Wednesday is one month away, February 26th. Be watching for the Little Black Books that will be coming out in a couple of weeks for the seasons of Lent and Easter!

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