Holy Spirit Parish at Geist Mass Sanctuary-Alter

Homebound Visitation

Ministers visit and bring the Eucharist to elderly and infirmed parishioners confined to their own homes or the residents of local nursing homes. 

The objective of this ministry is to care for and affirm the members of our faith community who are isolated from us due to injury or illness.  We distribute to them the life-giving Eucharist, help give them the strength to accept their illness or injury and support them in whatever way we can.  You must be a Eucharistic Minister to serve on this committee.

Gift of Time:  Once to twice a month, as the needs arise. 

Training: Training is conducted throughout the year as the need arises.  Initial training consists of a 2-hour classroom presentation and skills development.  Additionally, new ministers apprentice with veteran ministers by accompanying them on homebound visits.

Contact: Pastoral Associate Sue Schmitz @ sue.schmitz@hspgeist.org.

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