Holy Spirit Parish at Geist Mass Sanctuary-Alter

Funeral Meals

The Funeral Meals Ministry is in need of additional volunteers.  

For grieving families, this ministry provides much needed comfort in a time of sorrow.This ministry organizes and prepares funeral meals. It buys and cooks the meat, and supplies cheese, bread and drinks.  Other committee members are called to provide side dishes and desserts.  To the family of the deceased this is a blessing in their time of sorrow.

In this ministry, volunteers are called on an "as needed" basis (usually one or two days prior to the scheduled funeral) to see if they are available to assist.

To become a part of this group, please complete this contact form.

If you have questions, please contact Debbie Townsend at hsp.funeralmeals@gmail.com or 317-502-2535



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